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Project Description

Beads making…

All of our beads are hand made from recycled magazines, posters, and off-cut factory paper.The art of making the beads and baskets is taught to women by Jacquiline.

The paper is cut, rolled, varnished and assembled through a process that takes three days from start to finish. Once beads are made, they are strung into jewelry.

Because our beads are hand made from recycled materials, each piece of jewelry is uniquely different from the other. It has been said that you can read words on some of our beads.

Through making these beads Faith Women Ministry has achieved a lot than before.

Bags & basket making…

We also make and sell Bags & Baskets with different art and designs and with a reliable market can substantially boost the running of our Programs.

All of our bags & baskets are hand made from natural African Banana Fabrics, papyrus reeds that are locally sourced.

Madam Jacqueline teaches the art of making the bags and baskets to women. Through making these Bags & Baskets, Faith Women Ministry has earned incomes as these products are marketed internationally.

You can order any amount of items from our website and we would gladly supply them to you in every corner of the world.

For residents in the USA, you can find them at the Carole Wolaver Ministry, 7381 Riverfront Dr Nashville, Tennessee 37221.


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