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We believe that God will use this ministry to raise up a generation of young men and women who love the Lord and will serve God and one another in order to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Faith Women Ministry and ISAC Kids (Initiative Save African Children) are a non-profit 501c3 organization. We are a small organization, but we are grateful that God has entrusted us with this responsibility and we do not take that lightly. 100% of all money given to these two ministries goes to their designated use. Nothing is taken out for administrative costs.

We currently minister to 1085 women and 960 children.

Our motto is “A Helping Hand Not A Handout.”


  • Our goal is that every woman and child that participates in this ministry will hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will have an opportunity to receive Him as their Lord and Savior.
  • We build up women and children spiritually through Bible study and prayer. Every Wednesday and Friday is a Women’s Bible Study in the various villages and every Saturday the kids have Bible Study and treats in the villages.
  • Our goal is to provide education and or vocational training to the young teenage mothers so that they will be able to provide for their children. Most of these young mothers have been raped and many are HIV positive due to that. We also provide counseling for them. We teach the other women sewing and craft making so that they too can earn a living.
  • Our goal is to provide clean water to the villages. We currently have 18 Boreholes (Wells) which not only provides life through clean water but also protects the young ones from being attacked while going outside the village to fetch water.
  • Our goal is to support women through agriculture. We teach the women to farm and now, not only do we produce enough food to feed all of our people and sell in the marketplace but we also have an arrangement with one of the schools where we barter food for tuition. 160 kids are now being blessed with an education because of this. We also raise cows, goats, chickens, rabbits and bees to provide food and income.
  • Our goal is to eventually get all of our ISAC Kids sponsored so that they can go to school and get an education. School for these children is life changing and offers opportunities that they would otherwise never experience. Sponsorship provides school tuition, a uniform, scholastic materials, 1 meal a day and medical attention.
  • Our goal is to build a Baby House to house the children 0-2 years old that have been orphaned, abandoned, born in a latrine, left on the doorstep or otherwise found. Currently most of these children are living with our Director Angella Jacquiline (Jackie). She currently has 50 babies between 0-1year old. No child is ever turned away and there is never a distinction made between her biological children and all the rest. We have 3 acres of land outside Kampala that we are planning to use for this project. We are still in the planning and fundraising stage but hope to have this completed by next year.