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The struggles that most of these children face on a daily basis are more than most of us face in a lifetime.

Many suffer from the loss of one or more of their parents after they have been the caregiver to a dying parent, only to become the parent to their younger siblings.

Some young girls are sold for food to become child brides or slave labor. Some young girls are sexually assaulted on the way to get water or fire wood for their family; only later to find out that they are HIV positive or pregnant.

I could go on and on with one heartbreaking story after another, imagining the desperation and hopelessness that these children experience daily.

But now imagine those same children when they find out that they are being sponsored by someone that cares about their well being. Imagine the hope that wells up within them as they go to school for the first time. Imagine the pride they feel of wearing a new school uniform, possibly the first new clothes that they have ever put on. Imagine how that child feels knowing that they will get a hot meal every day. Sponsorship for these children is life changing and for many life saving.

Heather is a child whose life has been changed through sponsorship. Heather was abandoned at about three years of age at a police station. Her mother had died of AIDS and Heather was also HIV positive. Jackie went to the jail to preach one day and heard a child crying. She asked if they were locking children up now and they had even forgotten that she was there. So Jackie took her home with her to live. Through sponsorship, she was not only given an education but she received the life saving medications that were needed to make her HIV levels undetectable. She is a great student and a mighty prayer warrior. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for Heather.

Then there is Dickson. He just showed up on Jackie’s doorstep one day; nine years old and a total orphan. This young boy is an extremely gifted artist and has taught himself to make incredibly beautiful pictures of animals and villages made from banana fiber and raffia. His artwork hangs in many homes here in the US. Dickson is sponsored by a home group from church who has lavished him with clothes and art supplies. He is doing well in school and since he started as an older child, the younger ones helped him to catch up scholastically. He is kind and compassionate and shares his blessings with other kids.

These are just 2 of our success stories. Jackie trains her kids in prayer and fasting. She also teaches them to pray for their sponsors. We don’t have to imagine how many lives are touched through their prayers.

Sponsorship of a child is $35 a month. It is a commitment that we ask you to make until they have completed school. We understand that this is a serious commitment to undertake and we would ask that you would enter into it prayerfully. That $35 provides tuition to school, a school uniform, books, a hot meal a day and medical care.

If you would like for your child to have extra gifts you can add to your monthly payment and specify what you would like the extra money to go towards ie: shoes, a backpack, clothing, a soccer ball. Some people even provide a goat or chicken to their child which not only makes a great pet, but is a source of food and income for that child. (You can refer to the list we have provided of gift suggestions and prices.) you will receive pictures of your child with the gifts you have purchased.