Her passion for women began at a young age after struggling to afford her own education alongside her mother.

She worked hard to become an independent and educated woman with her passion in the country’s legal affairs desiring to be one who will help to transform the system so that women achieve equal rights before the law, economy, politically, in religion and above all social obligations. In doing so, she has used her experience to guide her in encouraging and motivating women to take vibrant roles in developing themselves in the country at large.

Dorothy became the legal advisor for FWM in 2013, after showing interest in what the founder was doing to lift women out of their desperate situations and give them hope.

With her Bachelor’s degree in law and 5 years experience by then, she felt she could be of much value to the organization, hence the desire to work together. She spends her days meeting with women, interacting to get to know their backgrounds, lays legal procedures on how to handle matters, and processes necessary legal do documents for the organization.

She is one person who is down to earth when it comes to offering a hand to reach out to a woman.

Dorothy says, “All I ever wanted is to see a happy, healthy woman fulfilling her life’s dreams. My wish is not to see a young female soul go through what I went through with my mum. “