Jacqueline Angella Namayanja is the Founder and Director of Faith Women Ministry and the Director of ISAC Kids (Initiative Save African Children). These are sister organizations that work hand in hand with one another.

Jackie faced a very difficult childhood, being abandoned at 3 yrs old and then rescued and raised by a grandmother. She never let any of that stop her. She accepted Christ into her heart as a child after having been healed miraculously and determined that she would serve God for the rest of her life.

Jackie was never able to go to school but she would learn math and English from friends of hers that did go to school. At the age of 21, Jackie decided she wanted to go to college and so with the help of Janna selling her beads in America, Jackie put herself through college getting her degree in Procurement and Logistics. She went back to her village and saw the tremendous need there and started Faith Women Ministry. Jackie saw the abuse the women suffered. Many women are stigmatized because of HIV , disabilities, and even being a widow was like a curse to a family and community.

Jackie’s main purpose is to give every woman she can reach the freedom of expression, the freedom to go to church, she helps them build a home and provides them with a chicken and goat, and teaches them ways to earn money and provide for their own family.

As the ministry has expanded, Jackie started taking in children and babies into her home. She never turns anyone away. The babies are often children whose mothers die in childbirth or from HIV. Jackie currently has 50 babies and 16 other children living in her home. 3 of them are her birth children but they all think she is their birth mother. She never makes any distinction.

Jackie is a powerful prayer warrior and has a team of grandmothers from 95 to 101 that are constantly interceding on behalf of this ministry.

Without the grace of God and the prayers of the saints we would never have been able to accomplish all that we have so far. We know that with God, all things are possible.