Cloth Hobo Bags




Cloth Hobo Bags

Approx 14in x15 5.1oz

These come in a variety of colors.

All of these products are made in Uganda by the women of Faith Women Ministries. 100% of all the proceeds goes back to support the women of this ministry.

The beads are all made out of paper, magazines and posters that have been thrown away are used to make these beautiful creations. If you look closely at the beads, you can actually see some of the writing on them. The tiniest beads are not made of paper.

The Hobo bags are made by our women in the disabled community. The disabled over there are often considered subhuman and are ostracized by their families and villages. Well, we are so blessed to have them as an integral part of FWM. We have provided them with sewing machines. They not only make these purses but also aprons, school uniforms and some of the most beautiful dresses you will ever see.


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